Erwan Mouazan

Founder of Ecovala & Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Vaasa

Erwan Mouazan, PhD. is founder of Circular Economy consultancy Ecovala (, partner at EcoRes Belgium ( , and post-doctoral researcher at the University of Vaasa, Finland. Erwan has 18 years’ experience in sustainability consultancy for public and private organizations. He combines practice with research focusing on circular business model innovation.

Erwan has developed various capacity-building programmes around sustainability and circularity through different European Commission founded projects. He regularly lectures at Master’s degree and MBA levels.

Erwan holds a PhD in Business Administration (University of Vaasa, Finland, 2019), a Master’s degree in Creative Sustainability (Aalto University, Finland, 2016) and a Master’s degree in International Management (IGR, France, 2002).